March 11th 2011 was one of the most tragic events in Japanese history. Nearly five months later, the tragedy continues as people in the Tohoku region continue to struggle for basic necessities. A struggle that requires our urgent help.

Silk Road Relief for Japan is a fully volunteer project working to provide funding for relief efforts in Northern Japan. Generous artists from around the world have come together to donate their music to help raise funds for Japan.

"Heart" and "Soul", two volumes of moving and profound music are now available for digital download. All funds, with the exception of transaction fees from Paypal will be donated to NPO/NGO groups that we have seen making a difference firsthand, including Japan Platform, Save the Children, Ivy and other smaller grassroots organization to help assure that aid reaches the people who need it most.

The sale of 100,000 copies world wide, would enable us to raise $1,000,000 dollars for relief efforts. It is an ambitious goal, but one we believe we can achieve with the help of people all over the world.

March 11th and the images of destruction and devastation in the north left many of us feeling a profound sense of helplessness. But we are anything but helpless. We have each other and we share a desire to help those who need our support. Together we can make a difference in the lives of people in Northern Japan. Together we can achieve this goal.

Listen to and learn more about Heart - Silk Road Relief for Japan vol. 1

Featuring Homayoun Sakhi, Stellamara, Nevican Ozel, Shigemasa Sadako, Rain In Eden, The London Uyghur Ensemble, Amethystium, Sevda Alekperzadeh, Sag Chana and Omar Faruk Tekbilek.

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Listen to and learn more about Soul - Silk Road Relief for Japan vol. 2

Featuring Khaled Arman, The Afghan Ensemble, Megumi O and her Mother, Abbas Bakhtiari, Mohammed S. M. Antar, and Babazula.

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